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Elena Gilbert PORTRAYINGNo Humanity

Matt Davis kisses Nina Dobrev on the forehead at the San Diego Comic-Con TVD Panel, 26th July 2014.

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↳  ”Jeremy can’t live with me, Stefan wants to fix me and Caroline flat out admitted that she doesn’t like me this way. Think it’s safe to say that I’m not so great at this vampire thing.”

Hello, I love your blog! I saw a Spike gifset that you just made and I noticed a slight grammar error. In the first gif it says "there" when it should be they're. I don't know if this is that important to you, but I thought you should know.

Hey, Sorry if this is late and honestly i didn’t notice so thank you. I just made it in a rush because i had something else to do but I’ll fix it now.

“This isn’t how our lives were supposed to be”

zach roerig taking ian somerhalder’s surfboard